Zagreb guided walking tour

We shall see Zagreb's ups and downs, hill-wise speaking. Take a peek inside the famous Zagreb's cathedral, then into some less famous, but still intriguing corners of the city. When we're done walking through the Upper Town, we could take a funicular ride (the shortest in the world, but still adorable) down to the Lower Town. If you are a bit of a sweet tooth like myself, we could take a sweet break at a sweetshop, having a bite of the famous custard pie called kremšnita.

Now, can you picture yourself having a good time in Zagreb? And, yes you will!

Price: 39 € pp (discounts for groups over 4 pers.)

Includes: 2-3 hours guided sightseeing walking tour + surprise gift

Cycling tour around the city

sure, why not. I'm cycling all the time anyway, so all you have to do is to join me! This way we can explore even more city sights and visit some suburban parts too. We'll get to see more parks, lakes, and rivers, cross some bridges, and who knows, we might even get to see the sea*! The cycling tour is the best way to see most of the city. A picnic on the grass in one of the parks is always an option by the end of the tour.

*apx. 180 km away

Price: 45 € pp (discounts for groups over 4 pers.)

Includes: 2-3 hours guided cycling city tour, bike rental + surprise gift

Day trip Plitvice Lakes National Park

there are so many beautiful natural wonders in Croatia. Between the 9 National Parks it is so hard to choose just one. But, if it has to be one, let it be the Plitvice Lakes National Park. If you think you've seen all the shades of blue and green there are in the world, you'll be surprised to discover some more. While you enjoy the crystal clear water running under your feet, and the sprinkling waterfalls all around, this magical water world will suck you in and you'll never want to leave!

(In Co-operation with Zico Tours Travel Agency)

Price range: 6 pers. = 35 € pp Includes: round trip transport to and from Plitvice Lakes National Park,
from and back to your hotel, 4-5 hours guided walking tour + surprise gift.
Entrance fee NOT included in the price!
  5 pers. = 40 € pp
  4 pers. = 48 € pp
  3 pers. = 60 € pp
  2 pers. = 85 € pp

A Day in Adrenalin Park

lots and lots of adrenalin, whole day long! If you've spent some days in Zagreb and done all the city tours you will be eager to explore its surroundings and discover what is out there yet to be seen. Now, if its another kind of outdoor activity you are after to get your adrenalin rush going - this is the place that adrenalin lovers consider to be their playground. Come on! Overcome your fears. And don’t worry, you'll be taken care of by the best experienced instructors at all times.

Price: 40 €/ 1-2 hour

Includes: whole adrenalin package+ bungee swing